About Me


Hi. I’m Ronald Castellano. My friends call me Ronnie. I was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in the Bronx.  My training as an actor began at the William Esper Studio under Terry Knickerbocker, whom I followed as he founded the Terry Knickerbocker Studio, where I completed a 3-year acting conservatory.

Prior to pursuing acting, I studied at Penn State where I completed three degrees in visual journalism, English, and international studies. After living in France for about a year, I also studied French at the Paul-Vallery University… I have a lot to say about student loans. Feel free to ask.  

A former competitive gymnast and figure skater, I now exercise my physical abilities as a movement performer in improvised movement ensembles.

Taurus is my sun sign (as was Shakespeare’s), with my moon and rising in Gemini. That’s a whole  lot of grounded, dynamic creativity. According to the 16-personalities test, I’m an ENFP/campaigner…As was Robin Williams. Just to be clear, I am not comparing my self to these greats. I’m not THAT actor. Other tests have placed me in Slytherin and house Targaryen.

These days, when I’m not acting or bartending, I spend my time practicing guitar, piano, and singing, while learning German and Japanese.